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Project Overview

(1) Our Project Overview is based on our motto, Simple and Effective and Continuous effort to ensure BOSS Tokens become cryptocurrency that is used and able to function as a STABLE DIGITAL ASSET. 

(2) Bitboscoin seeks to solve various problems during the ERC20 Token in terms of price drops after ICO sales, tokens exchangers and token listings in the exchanger. Bitboscoinintroduced the concept of “100% distribution” to ensure no price controls or market deviance. By ensuring all tokens are sold at ICO level, we only create only 30 million tokens and at very low bid prices.

(3) What you can convince with Bitboscoinis, We do not take any profit from the ICO sales. Sales collections will be used for the development of crypto trading platforms and long-term advertising as well as to pay for the fees to the exchanger at post-ICO. Why are we telling you this? it is to guarantee no buyback actions from our side to controls of BOSS tokes monopoly ownership.

(4) When there is no control and monopoly as well as creating crypto exchanger that makes BOSS Token the main cryptocurrency, then it is definitely BOSS token to be a very valuable DIGITAL ASSET in the future.

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